BI Norwegian Business School- Converence Venue




BI Norwegian Business School is an internationally recognized not-for-profit private institution, located in Norway. Established in 1943, BI has one of Europe’s largest and most productive academic environments. BI ranks as number 41 on the Financial Times European Business School Rankings 2015, well placed among the most prestigious European business schools.


BI’s purpose is to build the knowledge economy and improving businesses through empowering people. BI has organized its academic activities into eight separate research departments covering all of the disciplines that should be found in a modern European business school.


BI is located in a modern city campus with open spaces and natural light throughout the building, providing a great atmosphere for studies. Part of BI's research activity is organised in individual research centres. These are organized under BI's nine departments.


BI Norwegian Business School’s cutting edge for success is the ability to engage in interaction in the international research arena, with students and alumni and with the business world and society.



To learn more about BI, please visit the BI Norwegian Business School homepage.